Dear Photographers, 
I thought I had reached the pinnacle as a photographer by shooting a red carpet event for the Academy Awards straight in the heart of Hollywood. There were multiple security entrances, roads were blocked off, A list actors and we had to wear three piece suits. In a dying digital photo era, getting paid to travel and take photos is an increasingly rare opportunity. 

After stepping onto the red carpet I realized I was surrounded by aging masters and a nostalgia for the high buyout prices of film photography. My one thought was how easily a robot could replace this entire room of professionals. 

I started photography because I loved how an image could stop me in my tracks and shift the way I perceive the world. But instead, I plunged deep into the opposite direction and fell for the glitter of fame. As I reviewed my photos, I did not feel anything coming from the faces. There was no deeper meaning. 

Our hair will one day turn gray and our selfies will be forgotten. A photo is an essay that we share with the world. A tool that slices the branch obscuring our view to our true selves.